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A life filled with music is a life filled with joy and happiness. I have always been drawn to music even from an early age. I believe it was a great gift from God. I have spent many years in the pursuit of creating and playing music. It has been an interesting journey down this road. I have learned many lessons about life and people along the way.  I am still on this journey and learn new things every day. Music is not my life, it is the gentle and sweet background track for it. I truly love performing, creating and sharing the music the Lord gives to me. Please feel free to listen to some of my music. If you decide you like it, I have my music for sale on Spotify, iTunes, and Cd Baby.  My site is under development so please come back often to see changes and new content.




I hope you can take the time to listen to the music of your own life and find joy in it.

Echo Greywolf


Hi everybody I just wanted to let you know I’m currently recording my latest project to find out more click on the CD cover below.


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